The Pioneer Bands rely heavily on the talent and dedication of Student Band Officers. Elected officers for each Pioneer Bands performing ensemble include: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Drum Major, and Flag Captain. Section Leaders are determined by audition. Librarians and Marching Band Committee members are appointed. Student Band Officers are elected by the band membership. Appointments are made by the directors. Elections are held early in the fall during band class. Duties are described below. 

Officers and Responsibilities

President: The band president serves as the official student representative of each organization within the band program and acts as the liaison between the band members and the Directors, school district, and parents, alumni and friends of the Pioneer Bands.

Secretary: The secretary is responsible for any correspondence from the band membership, for checking the roll at rehearsals and performances, and assists the directors with clerical duties.

Treasurer: The treasurer, under the supervision of the directors, collects, and records any band monies and assists the Directors with coordination of all publicity and compiling the annual band scrapbook.

Librarian: The Band Librarian is responsible for maintaining the band library, including: filing, distributing, and repairing music and keeping the library uncluttered. The Directors usually appoint more than one student to serve as librarian.

Flag Captain/Lieutenant: The Flag Captain is determined by vote of the group. The Lieutenant serves in the Captain’s role should the captain be absent for any reason, and is the captain in training. The Flag Captain is responsible for writing routines and drill and rehearsal of the Flag Corps, and is directly responsible to the Director of Bands for the appearance and attitude of the Pioneer Flag Corps.

Section Leader: The Section Leader is the musical leader and an example for his/her section. The Section Leader is selected by the Director of Bands on the basis of performance audition as one who possesses musical leadership qualities as well as people management skills.

Drum Major/Assistant Drum Major: Determined by vote of the band members, the Pioneer Drum Major must display strong leadership and motivational qualities and have knowledge of teaching drill and marching fundamentals. The Drum Major is the field commander during performances, and acts as a field assistant during rehearsals by helping to correct individual and musical style issues and to inspire Pioneer Spirit! The Drum Major helps organize rooming charts for camp; helps organize bus seating for tours; chairs the Marching Band Committee; helps with any miscellaneous jobs that may occur throughout season; and assists with uniform inspections in all sections. The Assistant Drum Major position is open to band students the summer after their sophomore year. The Assistant Drum Major marches as the assistant during his or her Junior year, and automatically assumes the role of Pioneer Drum Major during Senior year. Drum Major auditions are held on final Saturday, with results announced on Band Camp Sunday.

Marching Band Committee: The Marching Band Committee is comprised of the Drum Major, the Flag Captain, and several student members from the Symphony Band. The Marching Band Committee is responsible for selecting the season’s Marching Band shows, music and drills as well as many aspects of the organization of the marching band; including esprit de corps, band camp activities, and communication with students and families.